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Passion For Making a Difference

We’re here to radically improve healthcare. Our passion for our mission gives us energy to drive real change and stamina when the going gets tough. We are energized by high goals and strive to inspire others by showing our passion and telling our story.

Aim high

To radically improve healthcare, we need to think big. We go for the giant leaps, take risks and break ground by doing things no one has done before. We always optimize for scalable and global solutions. We lead change in an inspiring way and go the extra mile when it is required.

Work smart

To stay focused on what’s important we set clear goals and own the result. We use our time wisely, prioritize based on effect and constantly challenge ourselves and others to find the most effective way. We actively ask for feedback from users, customers and partners to learn along the way

Be Authentic

We actively strive to improve our self-awareness through asking for feedback daily. We share our thoughts and feelings in an open and transparent way and build relationships based on vulnerability, openness and compassion. We learn through talking openly about mistakes.

Grow as a Team

We always put our mission first and work together as a team. We care for each other, encourage each other and proactively help each other to succeed. We appreciate diversity and use our different strengths to grow together.

Enjoy the Journey

Radically improving healthcare is hard. Really hard. But even though our mission is real, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We appreciate craziness, self-distance and a good laugh. We like what we do, we like each other and we energize the journey by having fun along the way.

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